Warmly celebrate the first anniversary of Vietnam Ritar's production!

  Today in Vietnam Ritar factory, batches of Ritar batteries are produced and packed here, and containers are ready for shipment! The monthly shipment volume of Vietnam Ritar has increased from 2 million yuan at the beginning of production to 90 million yuan today!







      It used to be a barren field. We came here to survey, research, and plan blueprints, and write down our ambitions. Here we lay the cornerstone, sweating, building, and striving for construction. In the past two years of preparations, Vietnam Ruida has experienced twists and turns, more of laughter and happy sweat.



Now, here are tall and clean modern factories, rows of advanced automated production lines, batches of new energy batteries are being produced here, and sent to all parts of the world.


In today's complex and volatile international trade situation, Vietnam Ruida is becoming a new driving force for Ruida's strong development. Ruida will make all-out efforts and play a new chapter in the new energy industry.

For dreams, we sing and drum,

You and me

The light of energy is as beautiful as a rainbow!

Ruida Introduction

Ruida Power (Vietnam) Co., Ltd. is located in Chenggung Industrial Park, Zhanpeng County, Xining Province, Vietnam. It was established in June 2016. It focuses on the production of environmentally friendly cadmium-free lead-acid batteries.

Vietnam Ruida invested 120 million US dollars to build a modern high-level solid cadmium-free environmental protection, lead-carbon and graphene lead-based battery production base. The project will be constructed in three phases, with an annual turnover of 600 million US dollars after completion. Products will be widely used in energy storage, electricity, telecommunications, light electric vehicles (LEV), uninterruptible power supply systems (UPS), communication system backup batteries, automatic control, broadcast television, communications and solar wind energy and other industries.

Using the most advanced production line in the world, Vietnam Ruida has established a development strategy of "lean production, management informationization, and factory intelligence" to vigorously develop technological innovation and smart energy.

Relying on the strong strength of Ruida International Group, Ruida Vietnam will go all out to build a world-class enterprise with first-class scale, brand and team in the 21st century with international competitiveness. Contribute our own strength to the development of the global economy and the construction of the “Belt and Road”.